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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a fairly common condition that affects the hands and wrist. Usually, it affects only one hand but can affect both. Carpal tunnel syndrome causes pain, numbness, and tingling in the hands and can lead to weakness. Typically, carpal tunnel syndrome worsens over time, so early diagnosis and treatment are key! Our Omaha chiropractors and physical therapist at Rethwisch Family Chiropractic are trained in diagnosing and treating carpal tunnel syndrome. We create customized treatment plans based on your individual condition to ensure your hands become pain-free!

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

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Carpal tunnel syndrome is caused when one of the major nerves in the arm and hand (the median nerve) is squeezed or compressed as it travels through the wrist. The nerve becoming trapped leads to numbness and tingling in the hands or fingers, usually the thumb, index, and middle finger. Occasionally the ring finger will be involved as well. You may have wrist pain, weakness in the hand, and difficulty doing normal tasks, such as gripping items, opening doors, and typing on a keyboard.

Carpal tunnel syndrome has many causes. Some risk factors can be repetitive hand use and performing repetitive motions, hand and wrist position, health conditions, and pregnancy.

Chiropractic treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome

Chiropractic care is a very effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome and can be a great alternative to surgery. One of our chiropractors will evaluate your symptoms and examine your wrist, performing a series of tests to determine where the median nerve is trapped. Since there are a few conditions that can mimic carpal tunnel syndrome, our doctors will evaluate all areas of possible entrapment to give an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan.

Treatment consists of manual or instrument adjustments and various soft tissue therapies, such as instrument-assisted soft tissue mobilization (IASTM), cold laser therapy, kinesiology tape, and at-home exercises and stretches. All treatments are non-invasive and medication-free. Even if you have had carpal tunnel surgery or other treatment in the past that was unsuccessful, chiropractic treatment may be able to help you finally get the relief you seek! Most people respond quickly to chiropractic care for carpal tunnel syndrome.

Early treatment and diagnosis are important to treating carpal tunnel syndrome as long-standing symptoms can permanently damage the nerve and lead to chronic pain and muscle wasting.

If you think you may be suffering from or have been diagnosed with carpal tunnel syndrome, see how chiropractic can help you! Call our Omaha chiropractic team today at (402) 408-6561 to schedule an appointment today, or request an appointment here!