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Main Office (402) 408-6561
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Main Office (402) 408-6561
2nd Location (402) 778-1100

Physical Therapy

Many people have heard of physical therapy and may have even seen a physical therapist themselves. Physical Therapists have advanced training in the human body, focusing on the musculoskeletal system. They are able to help with ailments in every part of the body to help you get back to your normal everyday life, your job or sport, or just feel better overall! Our Omaha physical therapist has over 20 years of experience helping patients recover from injuries and surgeries, meet goals, and live their best life! 

Physical Therapy in Omaha 

Physical therapy encompasses a wide range of treatments. The most common treatments associated with physical therapy are exercises and stretches. Our physical therapist develops customized at-home exercise and stretching plans for each patient. No two patients are alike, so no two treatments are alike. Other therapies used include manual release technique, instrument assisted soft tissue massage (IASTM), cold laser therapy, interferential electrical stimulation, hot and cold therapy, and other manual muscle techniques and mobilizations. The type of therapies you receive in office and at home depends on your specific case and presentation.

Why see a physical therapist?

Physical therapists can help with many conditions all around the body. Some common ailments treated include:

Acute & chronic pain

Arthritis pain

Physical Therapist performing muscle release techniques on a patient's shoulder

Ankle and foot injuries

Back & neck pain

Carpal tunnel syndrome or other hand & wrist complaints

Rotator cuff and labral tears & other shoulder pathologies

Orthopedic injuries

Overuse or repetitive stress injuries, such as tennis elbow or golfers elbow

Pregnancy-related pain

Work injuries or injuries related to motor vehicle accidents

Pre- and post-surgical rehabilitation

And many more!

Seeing a physical therapist can save you money too! Treatment costs are 72% lower when treating with a physical therapist as opposed to traditional medical interventions. You’re also less likely to need advanced imaging, saving you even more!

Ready to start physical therapy and meet your goals? Call our office at 402-408-6561 or click here to schedule with our Omaha physical therapist today!