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Tennis Elbow


Medically known as Lateral Epicondylitis, Tennis Elbow is pain in the outside of the elbow. While commonly called tennis elbow, it can be caused by any repetitive motion of the lateral muscles of the arm, not just tennis. Any activity that involves repetitive twisting or extension of the wrist can lead to tennis elbow. Tennis elbow is most common in those aged 30-50, but can occur at virtually any age. Our Omaha chiropractors and physical therapist at Rethwisch Family Chiropractic are trained in the diagnosis and treatment of tennis elbow and have over 20 years experience helping patients live pain-free!

Cause & Symptoms

Right elbow pain

Some common activities that can lead to tennis elbow are tennis, golfing, pitching in baseball, rowing, painting, frequent use of hand tools, and repetitive motions in professions such as butchers, dentists, carpenters, bartenders, and musicians. Any motion that requires twisting or extension of the wrist or elbow can lead to tennis elbow. These repetitive motions lead to tendinosis of the muscles of the outside elbow and forearm.

Most people suffering from tennis elbow have pain along the outside of the elbow and forearm that worsens over time. Pain is usually burning or achy, but may be sharp and stabbing with certain movements. If long-lasting, pain can shoot down the forearm and lead to difficulty gripping objects, when turning objects such as a door handle, or when shaking hands. Most people usually have tenderness to pressure and touch over the outside of the elbow.

Chiropractor adjusting a patient's left elbow

Diagnosis & Treatment

Diagnosing tennis elbow is fairly straightforward and does not usually require the use of imaging such as x-ray or MRI. Treatment consists of chiropractic adjustments to restore proper motion, muscle work techniques such as IASTM and MRT, kinesiology taping, and laser therapy. Our doctors may prescribe exercises and stretches to do at home, as well as recommend icing. Our doctors recommend decreasing or stopping the activity or activities that caused your symptoms, and may recommend bracing if these activities cannot be avoided. Since tennis elbow takes time to develop, treatment takes time as well. However, chiropractic and physical therapy are very effective at treating tennis elbow and most patients have complete resolution of symptoms!

If you suspect you’re suffering from tennis elbow, don’t wait to start treatment! The earlier you begin treatment, the quicker it will resolve. Call us at (402) 408-6561 or click here to schedule your consultation with one of our Omaha chiropractors or physical therapist today!