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Chiropractic for Kids

If you’re like most parents, you’re always looking to ensure the health and well-being of your children. A great tool many parents don’t know or take advantage of is chiropractic care for their kids! Maintaining proper joint function helps normalize nerve function and ensure kids are growing and developing into their best, healthiest selves. That’s why our chiropractors in Omaha, NE provide chiropractic care from infants just hours old through adulthood here at Rethwisch Family Chiropractic.

How Children Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care 

baby receiving a belly massage

Birth is a very traumatic process, even when fully natural or with no interventions. The trauma of birth can lead to motion restrictions in joints throughout the body, and especially in the upper neck. If interventions, such as forceps or vacuum extraction, are utilized, the risk of motion restrictions increases. Administering gentle, safe chiropractic adjustments after birth helps restore normal motion to the joints so the nervous system can function at 100% for the healthiest possible start to life. This is why our chiropractors adjust infants as young as one day old!

As babies grow and develop, they inevitably experience lots of bumps and falls along the way, especially as they learn to crawl, walk, run, and play. While babies tend to be very resilient and bounce back quickly, these spills can add up and restrict motion. Chiropractic care normalizes joint motion to normalize nerve function and help with common childhood ailments. Some common childhood ailments chiropractic can help with include colic, frequent ear infections, difficulty breastfeeding, and more!

As children age, keeping the nervous system in good operating condition may help with school-related issues, such as mental focus and hyperactivity. Plus, once kids are in school, they are sitting around a lot and carrying heavy backpacks. This places a lot of stress on the spine and body and can lead to neck pain, back pain, headaches, and more. Chiropractic care is very beneficial to help reduce aches and pains from the school day and ensure your child continues to grow and develop healthily.

Child being adjusted by a chiropractor

How Does Pediatric Chiropractic Care Differ from Chiropractic Care for Adults?

Chiropractic care for kids looks much different than chiropractic care for adults. Pediatric chiropractic adjustments are very gentle, performed with a light sustained contact or the Activator. Activator adjustments are performed with an instrument and are very low force as well. Adjustments for infants and toddlers do not have the cracking or popping associated with adult chiropractic adjustments. As children age, adjustments change with their development. School-age children are usually adjusted manually, but still with a low force technique. Adjustment force is adjusted proportionally with development as children age, and all treatment is tailored to each child in accordance with their specific development.

Interested in seeing how chiropractic can help your children? Click here or call 402-408-6561 today to schedule an appointment for your kiddos with one of our Omaha chiropractors!