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Scoliosis: Symptoms & Treatment

Our Omaha chiropractors and physical therapist at Rethwisch Family Chiropractic can provide relief care for people with scoliosis. Scoliosis is characterized by an abnormal sideways curve of the spine, which is usually associated with rotation of the vertebrae. Scoliosis is most often diagnosed in adolescence and the cause is usually unknown. The curve can occur in different parts of the spine and can present with related symptoms or no symptoms at all.

Some visible signs of scoliosis can be uneven looking waist, hips, or shoulders, shoulder blades that appear different sizes, and a visible curve in the back. If symptomatic, common symptoms of scoliosis can be back stiffness, low back pain, numbness or pain in the legs, and fatigue caused by muscle strain. Scoliosis can also cause chronic back pain in adults.

scoliosis x-ray

Treatment Options

Scoliosis treatment varies depending on the severity of the curve. Scoliosis is typically managed by monitoring the curve for progression, and providing treatment as needed. If the curve is moderate or severe, bracing or surgery may be recommended to prevent complications such as breathing problems.

While chiropractic care and physical therapy cannot correct a scoliotic curve, they can provide relief from common symptoms of scoliosis. Chiropractic adjustments help provide pain relief and can help slow the progression of arthritis. Our Omaha team also prescribes a series of exercises and stretches to strengthen the core and improve flexibility.  

Regular chiropractic care helps maintain proper joint mobility and spinal function and can help you manage any symptoms or chronic pain that arise from your scoliosis.

If you are suffering from scoliosis or looking for alternative treatment options, our doctors would love to help you! Our Omaha chiropractors have over 20 years of experience helping patients manage their scoliosis and relieve their pain. Call us at (402) 408-6561 to schedule or request an appointment here!